Who created homework, and for what reasons? 

Homework assignments in this world today essential elements of education. Homework has simplified learning and made it more effective. At least each student has been part of doing homework in schools. And thinking about who created has been something that students think of less. Now the questions that we get to ask ourselves is who created and believed in the power of doing homework? When was it, did they create homework? And why was it created? 

Historical facts

Homework creation was by a teacher in the oratory in the first century Anno Domini; his name was Pliny the younger. Pliny requested the people who follow him in Quintilian to be part of the activities done at home. This assignment is aimed at improving the skills of speaking in a person in an informal atmosphere. The results were astonishing, and this method of homework assignments got adopted by other instructors, tutors, and teachers moving forward. A person of Italian nationality called Pedagog Roberto Nevillis gets the regard of being the sole inventor of homework assignments. He created homework in late 1905, and he did homework to be a punishment to his students. Ever since homework got created, it has gotten adopted all over the globe.

When was homework created?

Appreciating the Italian Pedagog Nevillis who created homework, we recognize the noticeable improvements in the education system and the homework's efficiency ever since 1905. Ever since homework got created, there has been a rapid improvement in the education department. The success of teaching is proportional to the preparation of homework. This statement has always been valid ever since 1905. The arrangement and preparation homework in schools is one of the most challenging things to do. Many features of this issue need the critical attention of the instructor.

Main purposes of homework

The purpose of homework assignments has talked about who created homework and school. A lot of people have confidence that homework is voluntary for understanding the material that’s studied. But the latest research proves otherwise. According to the research study, homework has a vital role in ensuring that the students’ knowledge is usually increased. For elementary schools, this is true. 

According to Roberto, the person who invented homework and school, this task gives students the opportunity to:

  • Work without haste.
  • Study when there is no outside estimation.
  • Select the optimal hours (rhythm ) of work.
  • Plan a course of work.
  • Incorporate all necessary sources of information.

Types of homework

Ever since when homework’s invented: There were a few kinds of homework assignments. Now since Roberto didn’t get a time that was enough to go through his research to find out how suitable to do homework, it was tough for him to produce a formula that would make doing homework at home more comfortable.

Below are the types of homework:

  • Oral exercises performance.
  • Understanding material that is usually studied according to the textbook.
  • Written exercise performance
  • Creative works performance.
  • Reports preparation on studied material. 
  • Conducting experiments and observations

If one balances the above types of homework assignments, students will perceive information.


Homework is an activity that brings family, teachers, and students together, although some students see it as a punishment. And these students will be enjoy homework more if they get help from homework writing services, so it will do more good than harm. More research should be done on improving the quality of homework given to the students.