Ways of preventing a homework meltdown

Homework can sometimes feel like it is too much and just a huge junk of stress piled on someone. Homework can sometimes cause anxiety, frustration, and may also prevent one from succeeding in achieving their best results. However, this desire or feeling to have control over your homework, and not the other round can be achieved by merely tweaking a few habits in one’s lifestyle. Studying and homework can be fun if done in a very efficient and organized way.

Here below are some of how one can avoid the homework meltdown:

Having a practice of managing time well

Time management is very important when it comes to preventing stress when doing homework. Selecting and planning your time well can make a task is too much, boring, and stressful to be a less overwhelming task. 

  • At least put aside a specific amount of time that you can use to do your homework assignments. A significant point to note is to select a time that works best for you. Some students prefer in the morning when they are just fresh, and others prefer when they are just from school in the evening.
  • Use the school planner or calendar to plan how you will be going about with your homework. Note down the important dates, deadlines, and when exams will be done. It will give you a clear mind on how you are supposed to do your homework.
  • Give yourself enough time to finish your work. Ensuring that you have enough time to do your homework is very vital in preventing a meltdown. Estimate how much time it will take you to finish your homework. And also be real with your self. 
  • Listening to your tutor or teacher and also taking notes.

Listening to your teachers looks like an easy task, but it is not for some students. Here a student needs to be alert in class and jot down important points that the teacher has discussed. It will help in a way that your thoughts will be in order, and you will be able to remember the points because they wrote them down. 

  • Refreshing one’s memory on a regular basis

Every free time that you get to go through what you have been learning in the previous classes. This activity should at least be done every day for your memory to be refreshed. Should you find out, there are some topics you don’t remember going over again and again, and this will help to build confidence in you in those areas.

  • Good night’s sleep.

It is another one of those crucial points to note for one to prevent a meltdown. It is vital to sleep because it lets your mind and body relax, rest, and be refreshed. According to research, kids and teens need to for not below nine hours. 

  • Breathe

If you are starting to be anxious, remember to take deep breaths because this will help you calm down and relax your nervous system. In this state, when you are relaxed, you can focus on your homework. 


These are just several ways in which you can prevent a meltdown. You prevent a meltdown in many ways that have not been indicated here. In case these don’t work for you, feel free to carry out further research.