How one can get done with his or her homework in time

There are many times when one looks at their homework for a long time without even attempting to do it. One may also reach midnight when just staring at the homework. Parkinson’s law can only elucidate the amount of time that one loses during that time when just staring at their homework. Parkinson’s law states that “work increases in size to fill the entire time available for it (work) to be completed.” Putting it in another way, if one gives himself or herself time the whole night to memorize and understand the formulas in geometry for the quiz that they will have the next day, they will automatically discover that a task that only takes thirty minutes will take them the whole night for it(task) to get done. 

Below are some of the ways one can make Parkinson’s law can work in their favor:

Approximating the time one takes to finish an activity

Here one needs to make some hard decisions. In a way that however long the activity takes to be done, one needs to make the time taken shorter. Say by cutting off five to ten minutes of the time taken. But one has to be realistic because one can’t be someone who reads very fast overnight. 

Making a list

The list that one should make here should be a list of everything. And this list should be made in the evening that the one is going to do the homework. And by everything, it should be a list of everything right from reading history to quizzing oneself.

Putting the gear together

It is where one gets all they need for the homework to be done in one place, from laptops to pens or pencil. When one gets up to go and pick something to use during the homework, it disrupts that one had when doing the homework. 


When devices like phones continue to beep, bling, one loses concentration and may also lose focus when doing their homework, so a suggestion here would be for one to keep the phone away from them. 

Time yourself

Timing oneself will help one plan for himself or herself for the next homework in a way that one will know how long they took to do their homework, and this will help them too estimate the time for the next homework to be done. 

Stay on track

Now for those who like checking the internet, it is easier for one to go to a website that is not related to the homework in any way. The best method would be for one to note what one is going to search for online. All these searches should be done at the end of the session. 

Take a lot of breaks

There are most times when one wants to rest between sessions, or there are most people who break up very long sessions of studying. The thing is that when someone takes a rest between sessions, his energy is maintained on a higher level. 

Rewarding oneself

Now here, if you finish saying your biology homework ten to five mins earlier, take the remaining time to rest or switch to the next activity, one may even save time for Netflix.


The more you use this system, the more you get so familiar with it. And you will be shocked at how much time you have saved when doing your homework.