Should Homework Be Banned

Whether homework should be banned has been a controversial topic among students and tutors over time. According to researchers, more than 2 hours of homework activity is too much and not suitable for children's mental health. Although the purpose of homework is to reinforce what is taught in class, which is positive but can give rise to a negative outcome if students are not able to do it effectively and efficiently. On average, children spend 8 hours in school. This is quite tedious and a good reason for students to be stressed beyond their limits. There are many reasons homework should be banned; these are:

  • One of the popular reasons students give to ban homework is that homework is boring and unproductive. No matter how urgent or relevant it is, a lack of interest in activity will not help students learn. Students are often tired after school and need rest; to revitalize their body and mental health, but homework, coupled with boredom, mostly worsens students' stress level. If the purpose of homework is defeated, there is no more justification for it.
  • Homework robs students of their free time with family and friends. After a long day at school, students who are assigned homework attend to their homework, and before they complete it- it is night already, and they cannot go out to play. According to research, children who play more tend to be more active than those who do not.
  • Homework poses a threat to the student's grade. Students often make the mistake of focusing on their homework at the expense of their performance during the exam. It is often a distraction from the reality of learning and engaging in class. Some students focus on getting praise from their teachers on their homework and leave their examination to chance. 
  • Homework is a poor judgment of a student's ability. Teachers often mistake efficiency for effectiveness, which is often reflected in a student's performance during exams. Some teachers think that students that do their homework regularly are smart and ahead of those who do not. This is often a misjudgment of character. Those students can end up performing poorly during the exam. 
  • Some teachers give homework on topics that have not been taught in the classroom. Students who cannot decipher this may begin to see themselves as dumb and develop low self-esteem among those who can. It is quite alright to give students new problems to solve. But, ensure you inform them that it is an entirely new task. Students do not need to look down on themselves because they do not know something they have not been taught.
  • Some teachers do nothing to assist students to do their homework. They bombard them with homework and expect them to just obey, complete it and learn from it. But this is not so. It is important that students are motivated to do their homework to bring out the maximum benefit and outcome.